AAPA - Australian Airline Pilot Academy


High standards of training
AAPA is wholly owned and operated by a major airline, specifically Regional Express (Rex), the largest independent regional airline in Australia. As the initial AAPA graduates were all destined to be inducted directly into Rex as First Officers on SAAB 340 aircraft under the Rex Pilot Cadet Programme, the Academy’s curriculum and training were specifically designed to meet the airline’s own high standards and stringent criteria for entry as First Officers. Consequently all AAPA graduates can be assured that they will be trained to meet the highest standards demanded by airline operators.
Proven track record
Since 2007, AAPA has enrolled 24 courses of cadets under the Rex Pilot Cadet Programme of which 22 batches have already graduated. In total 253 cadets have been enrolled into the Programme carefully selected from over 15,000 applications. Of these, 223 have successfully completed training and 207 are checked to line and flying on scheduled operations as Saab 340 First Officers while the remaining are currently undergoing type rating. AAPA has successfully graduated more than 125 international students from under our GCAA and CAAV approved courses. AAPA has also successfully graduated 7 students through its Flight Instructor Course.

Daily domestic flights operate to Wagga Wagga of approximately 1 hour duration from both Sydney and Melbourne. Australia’s largest independent regional airline Regional Express (Rex) services Wagga Wagga with about 100 flights per week in and out of the city. International students or visitors will need to travel from their home countries to either Sydney or Melbourne before connecting on a suitable domestic flight to Wagga Wagga. The AAPA campus is located within the airport precinct just a 5 minute’s walk away from the Wagga Wagga Airport terminal while the hangar and flight training centre are located on the apron just off the runway.
Accelerated training programme
Drawing from the decades of experience in training pilots for a multi-crew airline environment and relying on an intensive residential programme, enhanced by Computer Based Training and simulator programs, AAPA is able to graduate motivated ab-initio students in 34 weeks, ready for entry into an airline as a First Officer with an Australian Commercial Pilots License and Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating.

Comprehensive aviation training environment
AAPA not only imparts the basic flying skills and knowledge required by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) of Australia but also trains and prepares pilots specifically for the complex and demanding multi-crew environment required in airline operations. Students commence this preparation from day one and the entire training philosophy is predicated on preparing the student to be fully conversant as a pilot in a multi-crew environment. In addition to the basic 34 week course AAPA can also offer a one week transition course in a simulator using a high performance aircraft configuration that prepares students for two crew airline operations.

AAPA seeks to have a holistic approach to training. For example, students have compulsory attachments to the heavy maintenance workshop to better understand the impact of engineering on their duties. Also they are given opportunities to fly on the jump seat in Rex’s Saab340 aircraft to observe first hand the multi-crew environment. Finally senior Rex pilots are brought in to expound on subjects like Threat and Error Management.


World class equipment and facilities
With its fleet of brand new training aircraft with full Electronic Flight Instrumentation System (Glass) cockpits, modern flight simulators and a state-of-the-art campus facility that opened in May 2010, AAPA is set to become the premier pilot academy in the Asia Pacific region with a capacity for more than 200 pilots a year for both Australian and international airlines.

With the newly acquired SAAB 340 Full Flight Simulator officially opened, AAPA is now able to offer Multi-Crew Training (MCC) onsite.

AAPA also takes great pains to ensure that the students have a complete and balanced life during their months of rigorous residential programme. For this reason its new campus boasts the following facilities:

  • - Individual bedrooms on site
  • - Language labs and tutors to cater for foreign trainees
  • - Computer Based Training to enhance self learning and instructor monitoring
  • - Complete Wi-Fi environment
  • - Complete social and recreational facilities
    • gym;
    • sports field and hard court;
    • catered dining;
    • student lounge; and
    • library
Total investment into these equipment and facilities over a period of five years from 2009 to 2014 will be in excess of AUD28.5 million.
Competitive course fees
In spite of the superb training standards and facilities, the course fees are not any higher than other purely commercial training establishments in Australia and the world producing General Aviation pilots. There is no other academy in the world that delivers such value for money in terms of training standards, training environment and training time.